Maybe you will recognize it. Sometimes in life, you experience those moments that stay with you for the rest of your life. Moments that, when you think of them, it’s like you are in that moment again. You smell the odour, you see the environment and you feel the same emotions that you felt in that particular moment.

It was a Sunday morning, a lovely morning, I had my cup of tea on the balcony. The birds were whistling, the sun was shining and the air smelt great. It was a lazy Sunday morning, just perfect. I felt satisfied. Last week I ended my first order and the next order was submitted. Not bad for a coach who had just started. I had finished my cup of tea and was ready to take a shower. And there it was, “the moment”. With shampoo in my hair, I got a lightning through my body, had goose bumps on my arms and I had a brilliant idea…

In 2005 I had my first experience with constellations. I went to a woman who worked with puppets. At that time, I was a manager in a prison and studied safety & security, both fulltime. I had a hard time to keep the balls in the air. I knew that what I was doing didn’t satisfy me completely. My interest went out to constellations and NLP. I read every book, went to all kind of constellators and in the end I was fully trained on both ways.

In 2012 I started my own company as organization advisor, coach and trainer. My father didn’t approve my switch. I always felt his disapproval. But I did what I had to do. More and more I adjusted constellations into my work. What I love about constellations next to the insights and understanding, is that you really feel the sensations in your body. You truly feel the enlightenment, relief and recognition. But if I was honest there was still something missing in my work.

My father passed away in 2018, I had a strong connection with him. In the hospice there was a volunteer who also worked with constellations and on his death bed he told me, he now understood what constellations were about. He was very proud of me that I held my own way/feeling.

And there it was that moment again. The moment under the shower where I felt a lighting through my body and had a brilliant idea at the same time. I knew it, this idea will completely fulfill my desire. At that moment, ZIESOO was born.

ZIESOO is a worldwide platform where participants can find a qualified Systemic Professional in their area or online for a Constellation. Most importantly, ZIESOO has the “Systemic Constellation Online” tool and method with which Professionals can guide constellations online 1-on-1 as well as groups.

The most frequently asked question is how can you connect to the constellation online? Well, as a Professional we all know that the ‘undercurrent‘ and /or ‘knowing field‘ has no walls, boundaries or time. And we will always be amazed what effect the energy field has. With the ZIESOO method, a method somewhere between live constellation with representatives and table constellation, the participant and representatives will be really connected to the constellation/field.

Do you want to experience an online constellation yourself?
Go to ‘Find a Professional’ and make an appointment with a Professional for a session. Or get a ZIESOO membership. See all the information on ‘I am a Professional’. 

‘ZIESOO’ is like an old Dutch word that you will use when you have a  Eureka – moment. (Pronunciation: See So)

Esther Snikkers Founder of ZIESOO

Esther Snikkers | Founder & Facilitator