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What is a (family) constellation and how does it work online?

Do you want to change something for a longer period of time? Have you tried everything?  Your thoughts are with analyzing and solving the situation but the real change hasn’t happened. Then a constellation can offer a solution.

A constellation makes the root of the question or situation visible and tangible so that you can make the change on your own strength.

ZIESOO Webinar | Wat is een Opstelling en hoe werkt het Online?

A constellation contributes to a 'free' life and/or a 'healthy' organisation.

ZIESOO | Thé place to book a (family) constellation.

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Discover what a constellation can offer you!

ZIESOO | Thé place to book a (family) constellation.


What’s a (family) constellation?

What’s the magic of a (family) constellation?

When do you do a (family) constellation?

What can bring a (family) constellation you?

How does a (family) constellation works online?

How does the ZIESOO Tool & Method works?

ZIESOO is a global platform where supply and demand come together with regard to (family) constellations. And has the mission to make (family) constellations more known and accessible worldwide.

ZIESOO | Thé place to book a (family) constellation.

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101 Redenen voor een Opstelling


ZIESOO | E-book "101 Reasons for a Constellation"

Do you ever wonder whether your situation or question can be constellated?

The free e-book “101 Reasons for a Constellation” gives an impression of which questions / situations a constellation is useful in personal, health and business situations.