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"Guiding a Online Constellatiton"

Are you a Systemic Coach who would like to experience an Online Constellation or would you like to expand your field of work?

Next to the physical constellation with representatives and the table constellation, the Online Constellations is increasing in popularity and demand, especially because of the circumstances in which we live today.

ZIESOO Masterclass Guiding an Online Constellation

A Constellation contributes to a 'Free' life and/or a 'Healthy' organisation.

ZIESOO |Do a Constellation in your Area or Online.

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Discover what a Constellation can offer you!


What’s a constellation?

What’s the magic of a constellation?

When do you do a constellation?

What can bring a constellation you?

How does a constellation works online?

How the ZIESOO Tool & Method works?

Esther Snikkers Founder ZIESOO

Esther Snikkers

Founder ZIESOO

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