Dagmar Lidakova

Business and Life is connected. I focus on YOU - client. Throughout looking into yourself, you will find solution for any of your work or life problem. YOU can find the way to any of your goal. If you don´t see any logical solution for you problem in business or life, it´s time to look to the depth, to see what is not visible for the first sight.

I have 15 years experiences in corporate financing, managing people, corporate project management. Throughout these years I studied many psychological courses to help people find their way, to use their strenghts to go on in life. I use several coaching tools with focus on systemic constellations. If we are calm and satisfied in ourselfs - our family, relationships, work, business just flows. Many times we are lost in some programme of our mind which we don´t see and we react in different situations in wrong way which causes us problems, or we are stuck or we don´t see how to go on.

I offer personal coaching (life or business) including different tools for inner leadership, group systemic constellations, for group of at least 5 people "closed group" systemic constellations, "Moving reality systemic interventions programme" for teams, corporations, or groups. All services are possible online or offline.

Life coaching, Business coaching, Family and organizational constellations, Neuro-linguistic programming, Hypnosis


Personal development, Relationship, Burn out, Stress reduction, Business development, Management, Executive, Personal Business development, Business goals Familie & Organisatie Opstellingen

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