Yuliya Syadro

It all started a long time ago, with the question “Who am I?”, then there were searches, finding, losses and new questions. Step by step, I took off the “not me” husk: mental beliefs, fears, attitudes, pain. The impetus for this was the year when I divorced my husband, quit my job, changed my social circle - a crisis of my whole life. Then I woke up. I wanted to help myself and I tried all the methods that were available: psychoanalysis, yoga, fasting, religious practices, retreats, rebirthing and holotropic breathing, but the breakthrough came through the method of systemic constellations. The last 3 years of my life I studied with different teachers and practised this method in a group and individually. I chose it now as my practice and it works with me. That's why I start working with people precisely from systemic constellations, so I can give something that I believe in and that I have tested on myself.

I believe that choosing a practice suitable for the soul and body can lead to a true self. And sometimes we need a "second pair of eyes" to help us see what we have long known deep inside. I will be present for you, observe and lead to the root cause of your question. I will lead where I went and give as much as you can take.

You can work with me both individually and in a group; offline and online in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

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Skype: live:e9ea106919511813 (Yuliya Syadro)
Email: syadro.yuliya@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +380632738017 (WhatsApp)

Child-parent relationships; Partner relationships; Symptoms; Constellation of root dynamics; Genograms; Kaiten sessions; Ivision techniques; Work with metaphorical cards.


Personal development, Upbringing children, Relationship, Health, Addiction, Mourning, Burn out, Stress reduction Familie Opstellingen

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  • live:e9ea106919511813 (Yuliya Syadro)
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