Natalia Blagoeva

Natalia is in service to internal and external change agents and organisational leaders in times of change. She loves supporting people and organisations in unleashing their highest potential and provoking human flourishing and prosperity.

She has 20+ years of international executive experience in the service and consulting industries within Startups, Scaleups and Corporate including four expatriate positions throughout Europe. In addition to being qualified as a Facilitator of Business Constellations, she is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC©), a Certified Professional in Learning in Performance (CPLP©) as well as a Certified Consultant in Leadership & Culture Transformation (CTT©).

Natalia believes that at the core of any change is our transformation as people. At the core of that is our level of readiness to look at the world through new windows and to open to new and even opposite perspectives. Her work is driven by love and awe for each specific personal and organisational journey and the abundance of opportunities we face. She works with her own methodologies based on principles and practices from world-leading methodologies of our times like the Seven Levels of Consciousness, Authentic Leadership, Systems Thinking, Organisational Learning and Systemic Constellations. What unites them is the understanding of human nature and human systems. Instead of providing generic recipes and treating symptoms, they empower us to find specific answers and thrive as humans, organisations and society.


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