Do a Constellation in your Area or Online.

Training "Completeness"

2 days

ZIESOO Training Completeness

A Constellation contributes to a 'Free' life and/or a 'Healthy' organisation.

ZIESOO |Do a Constellation in your Area or Online.

Training Completeness


In a group constellation, themes are offered that are basically universal. By experiencing the constellation of another, you experience insights and clarification in your own situation or question.


The group members who represent the most important people in a constellation can give words to the experienced insights and changes. You will be surprised how effective this method is!


The situation of your question is mapped out by placing the most important persons and elements spatially, relative to each other. We call this the inner image of the situation, through the insights and changes (shifts, the feeling of enlightenment, relief and recognition) a new inner image is created and the way of thinking and the direction behind the behavior changes. What you will gradually notice: that you approach things differently, you no longer worry about certain things, the patterns in relationships have changed, you have made other choices, etc.

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Training Completeness

Did you know that you already are complete! Perhaps you are got up by the hectic of everyday life, so that you do not always experience it, but you already have everything you need!

The current circumstances of society mean that we tend to question our ‘gut feeling’, so that the head weighs things up and we tend to think in circles or sink into the stories and hold others responsible for our own loss and desire.

Training Completeness

From Quantum Physics we know that all existence, all matter, all life, all experiences, emotions – everything owes its existence in the physical world to frequency or energy.

Depending on your state of consciousness at that moment, you experience what is real to you.

By learning to navigate between certain energies of different emotions (high and low) we can switch between different dimensions.

Navigating between the dimensions is life’s work and following a process of consciousness, balance and intuition, an Constellation can make an excellent contribution to this.

Living in harmony, respect and peace with yourself and the world around you is not always easy and is the most beautiful thing there is.

In this training you will fully experience your completeness and you will become acquainted with navigating between the dimensions of high and low so that you can follow your ‘gut feeling’ more and experience the high energy.

High energy is also compared to the “flow”. The flow in which we have a smile on our face, where we experience love, where things seem to go smoothly, that coincidence comes your way, etc.




Saterday & Sunday  10.00 – 1.00 am CET Amsterdam


Esther Snikkers


€ 150,– incl. VAT

During the online training we use Zoom and there is room for a maximum of 15 participants.

After this training:

  • The energy flows;
  • You are aware of your completeness;
  • You have become acquainted with navigating between the dimensions high and low energy;
  • You have new insights;
  • Has a change and / or new movement been made;
  • You have become acquainted with the Constellations methodology and the ZIESOO Tool & Method.