Systemic Work

Discover the power of Systemic Work, a method that looks at the situation in the context of the system in which the question or situation arises. A system is seen as a living whole of elements that mutually influence and adapt to each other and their environment. Each system, in turn, is part of a larger whole.

Whether it is your family, family, work, organization or body, all these aspects can be considered systems. The family system is considered the most basic system of which you are a part. Each system has its own rules, laws, culture and dynamics. While rules and laws are visible and explicit (above the water surface), culture and dynamics are often invisible and implicit (below the water surface). The methodology of Systemic Work focuses primarily on this invisible and implicit part of a system.

Systemic Work explores the pattern behind symptoms and emotions. A family constellation, as an integral part of the method, visualizes your inner image of the situation. Through shifts, insights, words, and more, this image changes, allowing energy to flow and positive change to occur.

Patroon achter de symptomen en emoties

Bert Hellinger is the founder of the method Systemic Work

Bert hellinger quote

Bert Hellinger (1925-2019), born in Germany, is the founder of the method Systemic Work and Family Constellations.

He studied psychoanalysis in Vienna and later left for the United States, where he worked with prominent figures such as Milton Erickson. Combining his knowledge of psychotherapies and other therapeutic approaches, he developed a unique and fascinating solution-oriented approach: the Family Constellation.

Watch his video or or find out more about him on his website.