Systemic Work

WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE . . .           

. . . if that which you are currently occupied with no longer played a role?

  • What would you experience?

  • What would others notice about you?

  • What would it provide room for?

Delving into these questions in a systemic way can help you find new insights and solutions. Your questions can relate to different topics such as; health, personal or business development, etc.

What is a system?

The Systemic Work methodology looks at the situation in the context of the system in which the question arises.

A system is seen as a living entity of elements that mutually influence and adapt to each other and their environment in order to be able to live (survive).

You can see your family, work, organization, etc. as systems. Of all the systems you are part of, the family system is the most important system. All systems have their own rules and laws as well as their own cultures and dynamics. The rules and laws are visible and explicit, but cultures and dynamics are often invisible and implicit. The methodology Systemic Work focuses on this invisible and implicit part of a system.

The method ‘Systemic Work’ looks at the pattern behind the symptoms and emotions.

A Constellation is part of the Systemic Work method. A constellation shows your inner image of the situation. The image changes by insights, shifts, words, etc. through which the energy will flow and the change can take place.

Patroon achter de symptomen en emoties

A Constellation offers insights or changes and contributes to a ‘free‘ life and/or a ‘healthy‘ organisation.

Free life = a life in which you can go your own way and make your own choices with respect for the other and the past.

Healthy organisation = a ‘healthy‘ organization is one in which employees feel good and can therefore continue to carry out their work with compassion and commitment. A ‘healthy‘ organisation fulfills its purpose in society by means of a lively exchange with the outside world. In short, a place where you would like to work and grow.