Do you recognize that feeling? Situations in private life, health or business that are not going smoothly and you just don’t understand why. Perhaps you experience the feeling that you are not really living your “own” life, but rather being lived. Despite all your efforts to control or change the situation, it does not seem to be contributing to the real change you seek.

That’s the perfect time to consider a (family) constellation!

What is a (family) Constellation?

A (family) constellation is a powerful method within the broader framework of systemic work. It visualizes your inner image of a situation by placing the key figures related to your question in relation to each other. These can be represented by participants in the constellation or by objects and symbols.

Through shifts, insights, words and more, the image changes, allowing energy to flow and positive change to occur.

Family constellations can be used for both personal and professional issues, and even in relation to health. Discover the profound possibilities of a family constellation and gain clarity into the dynamics affecting your life.

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The constellation creates movement in the energy, paving the way for change.

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A constellation visualizes your inner image of the situation, whether personal, health, or business. Through shifts, insights, words, and more, this image transforms, causing the energy to flow and enabling change. You will gradually find that your approach to things changes, certain concerns disappear, gender roles in relationships shift, and you make different choices, and so on.


A constellation can bring about many insights and changes in a relatively short period of time (about 1 hour). This method can be used both individually (1 on 1) and in groups, and both formats are offered 'live' and 'online'. In a group session, participants as representatives add an extra dimension by being able to give words to the insights and changes experienced. You will be amazed at the effectiveness of this method!


A constellation offers immediate insights and changes, activating the process of awareness. We believe that every development has its own pace, and that both individuals and organizations intuitively sense when the next step or development occurs. At that moment the need for new insights and changes arises.

During the constellation you experience recognition, relief and enlightenment, etc.

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Constellations techniques

A “Live” Constellation with representatives

A "live" constellation comes to life in a physical space, where people from the group act as representatives for the persons and elements relevant to the participant's question or situation (also called representatives). Within the various forms of Systemic Work, this approach maintains its royal status because the representatives actually undergo the experiences and sensations of the persons represented. This adds to the intensity of the constellation and makes it a unique and powerful form within Systemic Work.

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Table Constellation

Table constellation is conducted in a one-on-one setting. This form often uses puppets or other props to represent the people and elements relevant to the participant's question or situation.

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Online Constellation

Through video calling, the facilitator shares her/his screen with the participant, after which the online constellation starts. The online tool includes elements such as squares and circles, which serve to represent the persons and elements relevant to the participant's situation. This form of constellation can take place either one-on-one or in groups.

After the constellation, you will gradually notice change.

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Is a constellation a quick fix?

A constellation can bring about significant insight and change within a short period of time (about 1 hour). The situation of your question is mapped spatially by placing the most important persons and elements in relation to each other. We call this the inner picture of the situation. The insights and changes create a new inner picture, leading to a shift in thinking and direction behind behavior.

You will gradually notice that you:

  • Handle things differently,
  • Stop worrying about certain things,
  • Changing gender roles in relationships,
  • Made different choices,
  • And more.
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