ZIESOO Webinar “What’s a Constellation and how does it benefit you?

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Come to the free interactive ZIESOO webinar and find out what a constellation can do for you.

The webinar is organized for those who want to know more about constellations, are researching what it can bring him or her, and for those who want to know how an online constellation works. Are you a systemic coach, this ZIESOO Webinar for systemic facilitators is a better fit for you.

Are you aware that a Constellation contributes to a free life and healthy organisation?

“Constellations are the most amazing method I’ve come across when it comes to getting insights into the current situation, removing blockages and shedding light over your options ahead. Doing them online with ZIESOO is just as powerful as doing them offline and I would recommend it to any person who wants to unleash the next step in their personal or organisational development.”

“Last year I did a constellation with regard to starting my own practice. I started a few months later. I have now been fully engaged in work for four days. And I am very happy with what I do and have achieved. ”

In the webinar we explain:

  • What’s a constellation?

  • What’s the magic of a constellation?

  • When do you do a constellation?

  • What can bring a constellation you?

  • How does a constellation works online?

  • How the ZIESOO Tool & Method works?

The ZIESOO webinar is an interactive webinar. After the presentation there will be a demonstration of online constellation. In this demonstration you will experience the magic of a constellation and what it can bring you. And in the end there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

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