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Come to the free interactive ZIESOO webinar and find out what ZIESOO can do for you and your practice.

This webinar is organized for systemic facilitators who want to make themselves visible and findable, who would like to use their qualities online, who want to expand their working area and for those who want to know how to guide an online constellation.

ZIESOO is run by and for systemic facilitators and has the mission to make (family) constellations better known and more accessible.

We do this by:

  • Provide a global platform where participants can find a facilitator and book a (family) constellation.
  • And for the facilitators, ZIESOO is a place where you can connect, promote, develop and expand your work area.

We all know that constellations have enriched our lives and if we bundle and spread this energy together, each from his or her own authenticity, then even more lives will be enriched!

“Few months ago, I had the opportunity to discover the ZIESOO tool, it was really easy to use. The nice thing with ZIESOO is that your clients have all time the control by being able to place all different members of their system and saving all different stages of the process. It is really a smart and useful application for systemic coaches like me used to work online. I warmly recommend ZIESOO to all my colleagues and my students.”

“As I run international practice, I travel a lot and ZIESOO provides an excellent tool for me to work on the go. I don’t need to carry any equipment with me, as everything is already included. So I can continue seeing clients from anywhere in the world. It is interactive, simple, and beautifully looking software.”

This webinar explains:

  • What ZIESOO membership contains?
  • What ZIESOO can do for you?
  • How to guide an online constellation?

The ZIESOO webinar is an interactive webinar. After the presentation there will be a demonstration of online constellation. In this demonstration you will experience the ZIESOO method & tool and what an online constellation can contribute to your own practice. And in the end there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Here you can to register.

We are look forward to meeting you at the free ZIESOO webinar.

ZIESOO | Thé global platform for and by systemic facilitators.

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