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Are you a Systemic Facilitator and/or System Therapist? And do you know better than others that the ‘undercurrent‘ and/or ‘knowing field‘ knows no walls, boundaries or time?  Would you like to use your qualities online to broaden your field of work? Do you want to practice your abilities without worrying about preconditions?


Then ZIESOO is the solution for you!


ZIESOO is a worldwide platform where participants can find a Systemic Facilitator in their area or online.  Most importantly, ZIESOO has the “Online Constellation” tool and method with which facilitators can guide constellations online 1-on-1 as well as groups.

The ZIESOO method lies between a ‘live’ constellation with representatives and table constellation and reflects the dynamics in the constellation.

ZIESOO tool & methode

Make yourself visible and findable with a ZIESOO Membership.

ZIESOO | Thé global platform for Systemic Professionals.

Membership ZIESOO

Are you a Systemic Facilitator and do you want to use your qualities online to broaden your field of work? After registration, we schedule an introductory meeting of approximately 30 minutes. Then we will activate your account and you can get started!

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€ 29,--

29 EUR | 35 USD | 25 GBP | 45 AUD per month

+ Free Masterclass

monthly | including VAT | year subscription.

Normally € 59,- per month, in year 2022 a 50% discount!

This amount includes VAT and is paid automatically monthly or once a year.

The annual subscription can be canceled after the first year on a monthly basis.

Registration fee is one-time € 60,– including VAT.

Access is active after selection and completion of the free Masterclass “Guiding Online Constellation”.

With the ZIESOO Tool & Method you broaden your working area.

ZIESOO | Thé global platform for Systemic Professionals.


Profile Page

With a professional profile page on the ZIESOO website you will increase your scope worldwide and be more visible to potential participants.

Method & Tool "Constellation Online"

The ZIESOO Method & Tool ‘Online Constellation’ offers the possibility to guide both 1-on-1 and groups during an online constellation. The Method lies between a ‘live’ Constellation with representatives and a table Constellation. With the membership you have unlimited access to the tool.


With the ZIESOO Membership you have access to the ZIESOO Agenda. In the Agenda you can mention your events such as workshops, trainings, courses, etc.

Global Learning Community

When you are registered you can join the ZIESOO Facebook Community. The Community is a learning environment, here you will be in direct contact with other coaches around the world who are active on ZIESOO. Share tips, advice and great experiences and participate in the monthly activities.

ZIESOO Network

With the platform and the Method & Tool ‘Online Constellation‘, ZIESOO contributes to accessibility and increases awareness of the method Systemic Work / Constellations. The ZIESOO network continuously attracts potential participants. In addition, our brand awareness is ever increasing on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. All with the aim of enriching the well-being of potential participants.

Keep developing yourself with the ZIESOO intervision.

ZIESOO | Thé global platform for Systemic Professionals.

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ZIESOO Tool "Online Constellation"

Would you like to use your qualities online to broaden your field of work?

Discover the Tool “Online Constellation” for free for one week and find out whether this tool suits you. After you have entered your details, you will receive an email with instructions within 24 hours.