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Group Constellation Online

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A Constellation contributes to a 'Free' life and/or a 'Healthy' organisation.

ZIESOO |Do a Constellation in your Area or Online.

Group Constellation


In a group constellation, themes are offered that are basically universal. By experiencing the constellation of another, you experience insights and clarification in your own situation or question.


The group members who represent the most important people in a constellation can give words to the experienced insights and changes. You will be surprised how effective this method is!


The situation of your question is mapped out by placing the most important persons and elements spatially, relative to each other. We call this the inner image of the situation, through the insights and changes (shifts, the feeling of enlightenment, relief and recognition) a new inner image is created and the way of thinking and the direction behind the behavior changes. What you will gradually notice: that you approach things differently, you no longer worry about certain things, the patterns in relationships have changed, you have made other choices, etc.

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Discover what a Group Constellation can offer you!


Group Constellation Online

Would you like to experience a Online Constellation and / or do you have a personal question or an organisational issue that you would like to investigate with a Constellation?

A Constellation shows your inner image of the situation. The most important persons and elements related to your question will be spatially positioned in relation to each other. These persons and elements can be represented by (other) participants in the constellation, or by objects and symbols. The image changes by shifts, insights, words, etc. through which the energy will flow and the change can take place.

Group Constellation Online

After a brief introduction of the method, 2 Constellations are guided with the ZIESOO Tool & Method.


  • Member: € 50,– incl. VAT 
  • Member + Theme: € 75,– incl. VAT


  • 7 – 10 pm CET Amsterdam

During the Group Constellation we will use Zoom, there is room for maximum 15 members and the Constellations will be guided by Esther Snikkers, the founder of ZIESOO.

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The benefit of a Group Constellation is that the themes in a constellation are basically universal, through experiencing the constellation of another, you gain insights and clarification in your own situation or question.

After this workshop

  • The energy flows;

  • You have new insights;

  • You will change or movement started.

  • You have become acquainted with the Method Systemic Working and Constellations.
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101 Redenen voor een Opstelling


ZIESOO | E-book "101 Reasons for a Constellation"

Do you ever wonder whether your situation or question can be constellated?

The free e-book “101 Reasons for a Constellation” gives an impression of which questions / situations a constellation is useful in personal, health and business situations.