Genogram / Organogram

When do you use a constellation and when do you use a genogram and/or organizational chart?

The main difference is that a constellation is a depiction of a situation or question. It clarifies the dynamics behind the ‘experienced’ symptoms allowing the solution to manifest. A genogram and/or organogram is a depiction of a system such as a family and/or organization and increases awareness of interrelationships, events, etc.

A genogram is an overview of the family system with 3 or 4 generations and their interrelationships and important family events. It often constitutes a first step in which a person becomes more aware of things from his/her family system, such as members who died prematurely, his/her parents’ first love, the exclusion of family members and the like.

Among other things, an organizational chart can be used as an introductory interview prior to an organizational constellation. Who and what belongs to an organization is not limited to the people currently working there. It includes (also) the structure elements of which exist in the here and now. The history of the organization and the environment in which it operates are also permanently connected to the system and influence it.

Finally, a genogram and/or organizational chart can be used as an interview prior to a constellation and/or as a (first) component to increase awareness of the system as a family or organization.