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What is a Constellation and how do you do that Online?

Do you recognize this, you want to change something for a longer period of time? You have tried everything, your thoughts are with analyzing and solving the situation but the real change has not happened. Then a Constellation can offer a solution.

A Constellation makes the root of the question / situation visible and tangible so that you can make the change on your own strength.

A Constellation contributes to a 'Free' life and/or a 'Healthy' organisation.

ZIESOO |Doe een Opstelling in jouw Omgeving of Online.



The situation of your question is mapped out by placing the most important persons / elements spatially, relative to each other. We call this the inner image of the situation, through the insights and changes (shifts, the feeling of enlightenment, relief and recognition) a new inner image is created and the way of thinking and the direction behind the behavior changes. What you will gradually notice: that you approach things differently, you no longer worry about certain things, the patterns in relationships have changed, you have made other choices, etc.


During the webinar, the demo of the Online Constellation is guided with the ZIESOO Method & Tool. The method lies between a "live" constellation with representatives and a table constellation. The importance of the representatives is that they can put the experienced sensations / experiences / insights into words, this contributes to the intensity of the constellation.


The most frequently asked question is “How do you connect to the Online Constellation? In the Webinar you will experience how this connection is established and you will be amazed about the results!

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Discover what a constellation can offer you!

** Testimonials **

Esther Snikkers Founder ZIESOO

Esther Snikkers

Founder ZIESOO