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10 years of experience

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Plek van Erkenning / Place of Recognition

Recognize what is. Acknowlegde, see, feel, experience what that does to you. Yes, that’s right, indeed. And then … see if there is space for a movement, a small change, a new opening.

Constellations work on a deeper layer, of inner knowing, of being connected to a system, in your family, at work, your immediate environment; basically everything you have to deal with as a person.

You are not a part, but a whole. Together we look at the connections. We make contact with the theme you have questions about.

My experience is diverse. Since 2008 I have been working with Family Constellations. In groups or just 1 on 1, physically or virtually. I have done an NLP Master and Coach training and followed many workshops after my training at the Hellinger Institute, with international 1st and 2nd generation constellators.

As a person I stay calm, with a joke, not too heavy, but eventhough serious. Everything is allowed to be there. With me you are safe and we go as far as you can handle at that moment. I invite you to start this process.

We can schedule an appointment and meet, find out if we feel the click. We see and hear each other via Skype. Then we decide whether or not to continue and see what is going on at that moment, and whether you want to do something with it now. If you register on this site, you will have access to the possibilities of creating online. Warm greetings, Marjolijn Hensems

I prefer to work in the afternoon or evening. Even in the weekend is possible for me. Please send your request to discuss any other possibility. The price is per session, which can take far more than one hour (depending on the issue).

Family & Organization Constellations, working with illness and trauma.

Clearly, Patient, Sensitive


Business issues, Personal Development
Everyone is welcome with me!
Family Constellation, Health Constellation, Organisation Constellation

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

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