Esther Snikkers

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15 years of experience

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Sometimes we need a ‘second pair of eyes’ to help us see what we have long known deep inside.

Maybe you know it? That something comes your way that has helped you in such a way that you then turn it into a profession. That is how it went with me and ZIESOO came about.

As a starting department head within the prison in addition to an HBO study, I ended up with a coach who worked on the basis of puppets (table constellation). Although I enjoyed my work, study and private life, I didn’t find it easy to keep all the balls high and I felt that I had ended up in a rat race.
It soon became clear to me that I had (too) much responsibility in both my private and my work. Thanks to the insights I received, I was able to better take my position and take responsibility and leave that which did not belong to me. I also discovered that I get energy when I stand in my abilities and / or when people stand in their potential, a certain energy is released that is nourishing for everyone.

I was fascinated by the methodology and before I knew it, I had followed all training courses at the NTINLP in Limmen. My enthusiasm made sure that I did systemic constellations with everyone, wherever, including my girlfriend in Australia through Skype. Systemic Work has meant a lot to me, both on a personal and on a business level and I wish you that too!

Friendly, Intelligent, Sensitive

WHAT DO I NOT DO? Offering ready-made solutions, no (home) assignments or coaching programs. WHAT DO I DO? I guide you during your constellation with which you bring about insights and changes.

I assume that each developments has their own pace and that you know (or perceive) exactly when the next step / development will occur and that there is a need for new insights / changes.

After you have sent me an e-mail (button “make an appointment”), you will receive an e-mail from me with a link in which you can book an Constellation Online. If you want to get acquainted first, a no-obligation introductory meeting is possible.

The Constellation Online takes place via video calling. Prior to the Constellation, I will ask you a number of questions to map out the situation / question. During the constellation you put down the most important people / parts of the question / situation.

Due to shifts, insights, words, etc., the image of the situation / question will change, so that you will experience recognition, relief, enlightenment, insights and change. The session lasts +/- 1 hour.

I am looking forward to meet you.

Leadership development, Personal leadership, Responsible entrepreneurship, Talent development, Work-life balance

Many factors are important to be yourself freely; you have to understand yourself, feel comfortable in your body, process emotional issues, make choices and take action. I have experience, knowledge and use a wide range of techniques to guide whatever is occurring at that moment.

My background is mainly in the field of Systemic Work and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).

Everyone is welcome with me!, Coaches, Supervisor
Family Constellation, Intuitive Constellation, Organisation Constellation

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

In the text field ‘message’ you can formulate your question and / or write down your telephone number and I will contact you by telephone.


Thank you, for so patiently and – in every way – generously offering your space and time for me to revisit & explore long ‘forgotten’ moments and places of my childhood. The online tool works really well, I’d say. Surprising, how complex internal processes find their expression in standardized formes plus a choice of colors and sizes. More important though is the skilled heart and ‘old’ soul that accompanies such a journey. Gemma


“I use to take part in sessions of systemic constellations for many years. I was curious to do a systemic constellation online. It was an easy and positive experience online. I will definitely recommend it to others.