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I am sure you are familiar with situations that do not run smoothly and you cannot figure out why this happens. Or, although you feel alive, it is not really as if you are really living your ‘own‘ life. You try to control or change the situation, but whatever you do; it does not contribute to the real change needed. That is the moment when a Systemic Constellation comes in handy!


Systemic Constellation

A Systemic Constellation is part of the Systemic Work methodology. A Systemic Constellation visualizes the underlying and often inadmissible dynamics and patterns of your problem. With a constellation you make, as it were, a 3D projection of your inner image of the question at hand.


The most important persons/elements related to your question will be spatially positioned in relation to each other. These persons/elements can be represented by (other) participants in the constellation, or by objects and symbols. Through this 3D image, it is possible to see tensions, movements and recurring patterns, which in turn give insights/change in the issue in question.


Systemic Constellation Online

The founder of ZIESOO, Esther Snikkers, has developed the tool 'Systemic Constellation Online'. This online tool offers the possibility to carry out a constellation online with the help of symbols. Circles and squares can be chosen to represent the necessary persons/elements in your constellation. Via video calling (e.g. Zoom), the Systemic Coach shares her/his screen with the participant and the online constellation can start.


Why a Systemic Constellation Online?

  • Maybe you have heard of family and organization constellations and you would like to give it a try but don't know where to find the right person to help you.
  • Are you in a situation where you need constellation ‘quickly‘?
  • Do you know a coach but the distance is too far?
  • Maybe you would like to do a constellation from your own environment?
  • Are you home or temporarily abroad?
  • Or would you like to know how a coach guides a setup abroad?


Then you have come to the right place at ZIESOO.  ZIESOO is a worldwide platform where you can find qualified Systemic Coaches in your area or online.


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