How to book an Constellation?


How to book an constellation and what to do in advance of an Systemic Constellation Online, below it is shown step by step based on screen shots. If you have any questions, please complete the contact form.



How to book an Systemic Constellation Online?


1. Go to  "Book a Constellation" in the menu bar at the top right on the website




2. Log in or get a "free" account.




3. Click on "Book a constellation" on the top left.




4. Click on the photo of the coach and read the profile.




5. "Book a Constellation" with the coach that suits you best.




6. Click on the part of the day that you want to book an constellation. Green indicates the available times of the relevant coach.




7. Fill in the "appointment request" and click on confirm. In the agenda, the appointment comes in the color orange, which means that the appointment is "pending".




8. You will receive an email within 24 hours with the message whether the request is "confirmed" or "rejected". The appointment is shown in the "appointments" tab.







What to do in advance of a Systemic Constellation Online?

Prior to the systemic constellation online, it is important that you have installed the Skype program. You can do this via this link


1. Log in to the ZIESOO website.




2. Click 'Constellation' in the top left of the menu bar.




3. Open the Skype program and log in.




4. Click on 'start a conversation' or on 'chat'.




5. Type the skype name of the coach in the profile window.




The skype name of the coach can be found in the profile of the profile coach.

(Menu> Coaches> Profile)




6. Connect by clicking on the video icon.




7. After the interview, the coach asks you to share your eyes, you must click on the icon with two squares.




And then click on 'start sharing'




8. Minimize the skype screen by clicking.




9. Click on the internet browser and make the page with ZIESOO large and the screen looks like this and can start the setup.




10. At the end of the systemic setup, press the red button on your skype connecting door online.




11. And log out of your ZIESOO account.