Natalia Blagoeva

Bulgarian, English



8 years of experience

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Systemic Constellations are a way to get deep insights into complex situations, find life-affirming solutions to wicked problems and get inspired to act in a new way.

An Executive Coach and Systemic Life Coach based in Switzerland working globally, a Trusted Partner of Leaders and Changemakers, a Motivational Speaker and an Educator, Founder & CEO of the global community of women leaders and changemakers WomenH2H.

Imagining the more beautiful workplaces we all long for. Nurturing the transformation of leaders and changemakers as they create them. Inspiring new ways of looking at Work, Power, Office Politics, Draining Emotions, Conflict, Adversaries, Resistance to Change, Learning аs well as Culture, Leadership and Change in general.

Convinced that the world will be a better place if we change focus from what we try to avoid to what we want to bring into reality. Passionate about how technology augments opportunities and provokes us to expand our human capacities. Believes our future depends on how we lead, work and learn today, and that by learning to hold opposite perspectives, we find fresh solutions to our most tough challenges. Understands the special role of women today at work in creating the beautiful workplaces we all long for.

Clearly, Friendly, Sensitive


Business issues, Personal Development
Everyone is welcome with me!
Family Constellation, Organisation Constellation

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