Mijke Vlasveld

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Hi, I am mijke, i’m a dutchie and free spirited outdoor life coach and mindfulnesstrainer, systemic work is a significant part of my outdoor coaching. I love being a part of system where we can work online on this, so more people can benefit from it!

I studied Dutch law and worked as a lawyer after graduation. I was living a life that was seen as succesful according to the standards of society, except I wasn’t happy. I was living in my head most of the time. When in 2012 everything in my life changed, I started learning about NLP, systemic work and coaching. I always worked out a lot and wanted to be outside as much as possible, so this was the time to combine that and I started traveling on my own and going on solo hiking trips to find my self again. I learned so much and it healed so much inside myself, that I thought it was a shame not more people knew about the gifts nature and the great outdoors has for us.

I believe everyone deserves to be free. Free of fears, free of judgement ( of yourself or by others) free a system that isn’t working for you, free of faking it, free of not showing yourself, free of needing outside validation ……

I want to show people that you can enjoy your life, can play outside, can go on inner adventures and life your live the way that fits yout he best and still can be serious about everything your doing. Because it makes you happy! As long as you believe in yourself and follow your heart, instead of everything ( you think) others want you to do!

I believe that if you are truly happy from the inside out, it shows on the outside. That others wil see, feel and want what you have and that the world will be a more beautiful place because of that. It will make us be more connected to ourselves and others.

I will take you on an inner adventure and will set you in motion in multiple ways, so you can start living your truest life!

Creative, Energetic, Sensitive


Personal Development
Everyone is welcome with me!
Constellation in nature, Family Constellation

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    Hello, I saw your profile on the website, I would like to get in touch with you.

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