Marie José Rietdijk

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The Netherlands

Heeswijk Dinther

20 years of experience

Private live session €90,- a hour incl. VAT

Business live session €175,- a hour exclusive VAT


A Constellation gives you the tools and the opportunity to deeply see, accept and heal yourself and the situation.

Systemic coach and trainer. Super sensitive with extensive experience in constellation work. 20 years of experience in family and organizational constellations and I have more than 5 years of experience in developing and providing education and training in family and organizational constellations.

In addition, I have worked for over 20 years in various organizations as a coach, trainer and constellation facilitator. I had my own company for 12 years.

My specialty is creation constellations, for me this is a logical continuation of classic family and organizational constellations.

In addition to an in-depth learning and development process in constellations, I was trained as a gestalt therapist and intercultural NLP trainer.

When I saw my first familyconstellation, over 20 years ago, I was so happy. Finally I had found something that could show everyone what I’ve always seen. The unseen world became visible before my eyes. At least a nice part of it. I was immediately sold and started learning and reading everything I could find on constellationwork.

I offer you a no-nonsense constellation the results of which you can immediately use in everyday practice. We look at what is going on under the surface of your situation. We find out what you want to create/manifest and bring you in accordance with it. Both consciously and unconsciously. This makes your desired manifestation/change a logical consequence.

You are most welcome. It is also possible to have a non-binding informative conversation first. Feel free to call me for that.

Confronting, Creative, Humorous

You can make use of a non-binding telephone conversation to see if and what I can do for you. If applicable, we will then make an appointment for an individual session live or online. Or you can register for a workshop or training that is currently suitable for you.

Do you not want to coordinate by telephone and immediately make an appointment or sign up for a training or workshop? That is also possible.

In some cases I will ask you to do a preparatory exercise.

If money is the only thing stopping you from booking an appointment or signing up, please contact me. We’ll figure that out.

Assertiveness, Business issues, Collaborate, Conflicts, Energy, Inner growth, Leadership development, Love relationships, Meaning, Parent-child relationship, Personal leadership, Personal Development, Responsible entrepreneurship

Classic constellations are about a family trauma in the past. This is seen and healed. This healing is brought to the present and with it the client can continue. It uses the knowing field to get information about the trauma.

What I do is that I start from what the client wants to create in the future. We set this up in the quantum field of creation. I bring the client in line with her creation and thereby bring her into the now. This makes it a part of the client and manifestation is a logical consequence. An advantage of this method is that we do not always look at a trauma. We only do this if this is necessary for the client to come into accordance with her creation.

Everyone is welcome with me!, Coaches, Highly trained persons, Entrepreneurs, Parents, Women
Brand Constellation, Family Constellation, Intuitive Constellation, LIP Constellation, Organisation Constellation, Structure Constellation

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

In the text field ‘message’ you can formulate your question and / or write down your telephone number and I will contact you by telephone.


Living a creative life, simple, natural and full of fun. That is what Marie José and her work help me realize in concrete terms. And I am so very grateful to her for that!

The very first time at her home was literally being physically present at my inner home. In the safe, warm and familiar place she creates, there is room for surprise and magic. Exactly what I need and receive as a gift, every time.

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