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San Salvador de Jujuy

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Sometimes we need a ‘second pair of eyes’ to help us see what we have long known deep inside.

The river of life…

This is an accurate image of what we sometimes experience … Many times the flow of our life does not find its channel and each instance is experienced blocked in its natural flow. Thus, we make many efforts, although many times without realizing that we are going against the current until we wear ourselves out and lose direction, clarity and meaning.

The systemic perspective helps us to rediscover the deep channel through which our life flows in all its intensity, to rediscover our internal strength and to order all our internal resources towards success, abundance, harmony and happiness in relationships.

I spent 20 years of my working life in different organizations and fields, educational organizations, companies in the Human Resources area, NGOs in the social field and organizations related to spirituality. Moreover, I passed through the private and group field of psychotherapy as a psychologist. In them I found myself and my vocation to help people in their internal processes in search of solutions, for personal and professional development. It has also been fascinating for me to accompany group processes towards the achievement of their goals in different fields.

All these looks have been transformed in me from the contact with the Constellations and their philosophy applied to Life. I was trained in Brasil at the Hellinger Schule by the hand of its director Sophie Hellinger and the entire wonderful team of professionals who accompanied Bert Hellinger in his 40 years of development and evolution of the Constellations in different fields.

It is from this experience that I have undergone a deep transformation in my being and my actions, as a woman, a wife, a mother of two children, a professional in psychology, human resources and a therapist. This is how Quantum was born, a Systemic Consulting company for organizations and people in the workplace, which I serve as Director.

It is from this new view of the Constellations that I am get ready to accompany you to find new possibilities for your life, your family, your interpersonal relationships, your health, your work, your economy and abundance. New possibilities for success and the flow of your life energy to your greatest potential.

You dare? From the north of Argentina where I live, connected to the world in a common experience of evolution, I am available at the service of your experience.

Intelligent, Patient, Sensitive


Business issues, Personal Development
Everyone is welcome with me!
Family Constellation, Organisation Constellation

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