Földes György

Engels, Hongaars



10 years of experience

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Sometimes we need a ‘second pair of eyes’ to help us see what we have long known deep inside.

I offer classic family constellation in English and Hungarian, online (worldwide) or in Budapest, Hungary. i am trying to let the power of the work manifest itself. It is this healing power that shows us the way and brings about change. I am just the navigating personnel.

Education: Constellation training (2007-8) with Wilfried Nelles, Heinrich Breuer, Wilfried de Philip, Mária Angster. Workshops with Bert Hellinger, Daan van Kampenhout. Shamanic training with Jonathan Horwitz. Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg, Julianna Szentpéteri, Éva Rambala. Also, the work of Carl Rogers was a huge influence.

Patient, Humorous, Intelligent


Parent-child relationship
Everyone is welcome with me!
Family Constellation, Health Constellation, Disease & Symptoms Constellation

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