Esther Snikkers

Living by intuition and nature

Do you know that feeling of “flow” also called zen or balance. I call it, the Pure & Wild feeling.

The state of ‘being’ in which you have a smile on your mouth. You feel loved. Things seems to go by themselves and where chance comes your way. In short, that wonderful feeling that it seems like you can handle the whole world.

Unfortunately, that state of ‘being’ is not a static state and something always happens, which causes you to get into another energy. That’s okay, that’s what we call life. This is how we experience the polarities of life, without night there is no day. The energy is moving.

You enrich and improve the quality of your life when you become aware of this process, how do you get into that state of ‘being’, how do you get out and how do you move back.

Often it is a natural process and it goes without saying. But it also happens that the energy gets stuck due to, for example, blockages, triggers, limiting patterns or beliefs, fears, traumas, conflicts, etc. then a constellation can come in handy.

Constellations contribute to keeping the energy flowing. By constellating the situation that concerns you, you receive information and insights that help you to change or to solve.

A constellation can relate to private matters, business, work, health, relationships, traumas, etc. Actually, you can do a constellation on any situation that concerns you. And if you want to enrich your life by becoming aware of the state of ‘being’, come to a Pure & Wild training, see here the program in the ZIESOO agenda.

Creative, Humorous, Intelligent

You can book an individual online constellation with me via the button “make an appointment” on my ZIESOO profile. You will then receive an email within 24 hours with a link with which you can book the constellation.

Because I am currently traveling through Europe, it is not possible to book a live constellation.

If you have any questions in advance, you can also reach me via the way “make an appointment” and of course via the website of

In the ZIESOO agenda you will regularly find Pure & Wild training courses. The trainings relate to living from balance (zen or flow) (I call it the Pure & Wild state of being) because if you become aware of how you can live from the Pure & Wild state of being, you take responsibility for enriching your life. Click here to go to the ZIESOO agenda

Finally, with me, everyone is welcome and money should not be an obstacle to overall well-being. I am convinced that there is always a solution.

Assertiveness, Behavioral patterns, Business issues, Career, Changing lifestyle, Collaborate, Conflicts, Control, Dealing with emotions, Dealing with illness, Define borders, Energy, Fear, Gloom, Grief counseling, Health, Inner growth, Leadership development, Loneliness, Love relationships, Make choices, Meaning, Parent-child relationship, Perfectionism, Personal leadership, Personal Development, Reintegration, Relaxation, Responsible entrepreneurship, Self confidence, Separation, Stress or burnout, Talent development, To sleep, Vitality, Work-life balance, Worrying, Other

I believe that everyone is distinguished by his or her own way. If my profile appeals to you, you are very welcome!

My interest lies in the overall well-being, by being/becoming aware of your origin, your essence and your self-healing ability. you can increasingly live from the “flow of balance”.

Finally, my knowledge and experience are in the field of Systemic Work, Schumann Resonance, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Energy Work, Solution-oriented Working, etc.

Everyone is welcome with me!
Constellation in nature, Family Constellation, Health Constellation, Intuitive Constellation, Organisation Constellation

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Hello, I saw your profile on the website, I would like to get in touch with you.

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    Hello, I saw your profile on the website, I would like to get in touch with you.

    What data are possible?