Deniz Öztaş

English, Turkish



6 years of experience

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Sometimes we need a ‘second pair of eyes’ to help us see what we have long known deep inside.

Deniz started corporate life in 1998 and after working with International Companies, he met Family & Systemic Constellations work by Bert Hellinger. He is impressed by the work and got the trainings from two different trainers: Svagito Liebermeister and Ralph Willmann.

He is facilitator since 2015 and started TT program by 2019. He is more focused on Family Constellations and small size businesses.

“Whatever happens in your life is related with you family and ancestors. Any issue, like relationships, money, business, illness, any disturbing emotion etc, you can work with constellation. Discovery your family dynamics.”

2011 yılında tanıstigi Psikolog Bert Hellinger’in calismasi Aile ve Organizasyon Sistemi Terapisi konusunda egitimleri Svagito Liebermeister ve Ralph Willmann‘dan aldi. 2015’den beri Hem şirketlere hem de bireylere uygulanabilen Aile ve Organizasyon Sisteminin Uygulayıcısı olarak çalişmaya devam ediyor.

“Hayatınızda başına gelen her şey ailenizle ve atalarınızla ilgilidir. İlişki, para, işiniz, hastalıklar, duygu durumlar vb. Aile dinamiklerinizi keşfedin.”

Energetic, Intelligent, Patient


Business issues, Personal Development
Everyone is welcome with me!
Family Constellation, Organisation Constellation

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