General Terms

Below is an overview of important legal conditions that apply to everyone who visits the website and/or makes use of our services. ZIESOO offers a variety of services; therefore, some of the following provisions may not apply, or may apply only partially, to the services you purchase.

ZIESOO is registered in the trade register under number 68666780.

1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions, the following definitions are used, both in singular and plural.

1.1 Service

The services offered by ZIESOO through the website include the providing of a platform on which Systemic Coaches and users come into contact with each other. The service is further explained in section 3.

1.2 Coach

Any coach, therapist, psychologist or another person who has a listing, or has submitted an application for a listing on the website.

1.3 User

Every visitor of the website.

1.4 Website and everything related to it, including the accompanying tool and apps.

2. Applicability

2.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements and any other legal relationships between ‘ZIESOO‘, the Coach and the User.

2.2. ‘ZIESOO’ explicitly rejects the applicability of general purchase conditions of the Coach.

2.3. ‘ZIESOO’ has the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time it wishes. If the Coach or User makes use of the services of ‘ZIESOO’ after the modification, she tacitly agrees with the modification.

2.4. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is nullified or declared null and void, other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

3. The service

3.1. ZIESOO is an internet platform that brings together demand from Users and offerings from Coaches. ZIESOO will never be a partner in the agreement between the Coach and a User.

3.2 In order to be able to use ZIESOO Coaches can submit a request for listing on the website. ZIESOO may refuse or terminate a request for any reason.

3.3 A listing on the website means that a profile is created on which the Coach can present himself by means of an offered profile including a photo.

3.4 A Coach should contact any user offered by ZIESOO to the Coach within 24 hours.

4. Availability of the service

4.1. ZIESOO is entitled, without prior notice and without being liable for damages to the User, to (temporarily) put the Website and/or Services out of operation and/or to limit the use thereof if this is necessary in its opinion, for example within the framework of the reasonably required maintenance of the Website and/or Service.

4.2. ZIESOO may, without prior notice, make procedural and technical changes and/or improvements to the Website and/or the Service.

4.3. ZIESOO does not guarantee that the Website and/or the Service will be accessible at all times and without interruptions or malfunctions. ZIESOO is in no way responsible or liable to the User for any damage arising from or resulting from the (temporary) unavailability or (interim) failure of the Website and/or the Service.

5. Usage of the service

5.1. The user must make a selection, enter into interviews and make (financial) agreements based on their own wishes and criteria. The selection and the decision to hire a Coach is entirely up to the User. In case of complaints about a Coach or a User ZIESOO can be reached via

6. Duration and termination

6.1 The agreement (subscription) between the Coach and ZIESOO is valid for a period of three months without notice and is converted into an indefinite subscription with a notice period of one month.

6.2 At the latest one month before the expiration of the contract period, the Coach has to cancel the agreement. Cancellation can be done by e-mail via

6.3 ZIESOO draws the attention of coaches to the fact that the cooling-off period as referred to in Article 7:46d paragraph 1 of the Dutch Civil Code cannot be used. This is because the Service is performed by ZIESOO directly with the consent of the coach, as referred to in Section 7:46i paragraph5, under 1 of the Dutch Civil Code.

6.4 ZIESOO is entitled to terminate the listing of a Coach with immediate effect if the Coach acts contrary to any provision of these Terms and Conditions and/or the international code of ethics for coaches.

6.5 ZIESOO is entitled to refuse a new registration if ZIESOO suspects that a listing on is contrary to generally accepted professional ethics rules and practices or the interests of other concerned parties.

6.6 In the event of dissolution of the agreement due to a situation as described in 6.4 and/or 6.5, the service provided and/or performed by ZIESOO will not be undone and no refund will be made. Amounts invoiced by ZIESOO prior to dissolution shall remain due undiminished.

6.7. Upon termination of the agreement for any reason whatsoever, your right to use the service immediately expires and access to the service is immediately denied. ZIESOO will delete the profile immediately upon termination for any reason. After termination of the agreement, ZIESOO will delete or anonymize all content at your first request. ZIESOO is not obliged to provide and/or convert any content to you after the termination of the agreement.

7. Payment

7.1. The prices of the subscription can be found on Prices are exclusive of VAT and other government taxes, unless stated otherwise.

7.2. ZIESOO is entitled to adjust prices at any time. If the Coach does not wish to agree to such an adjustment, the Coach may cancel the service (the subscription). Price changes do not apply to services that have already been purchased.

7.3. The costs owed to ZIESOO must be paid immediately upon the creation of a profile (after approval). With the subsequent annual subscription, the costs will be paid by direct debit.

7.4. In case of late payment due to an unsuccessful direct debit, ZIESOO is entitled after 14 days to dissolve the agreement with immediate effect or to terminate, suspend or limit access to the service until the Coach has fulfilled all (payment) obligations, including payment of administration costs and statutory interest (1.5% of the outstanding amount per month).

7.5. Complaints relating to invoices and/or the service do not suspend payment obligations.

8. Liability

8.1. ZIESOO does not accept any liability for damage resulting from the providing of the service, whether in tort or otherwise, to the extent permitted by mandatory law. This provision is explicitly included as a result of any contact between the coach and the user.

8.2 ZIESOO does not and cannot guarantee that the information is always complete and correct. ZIESOO does not guarantee in any way the quality of content or professionalism of the coaches who offer their services on the website and is in no way liable for any contact with and treatment by a coach that can be found through the website.

8.3. In no event shall ZIESOO be liable for any consequential loss or damage, including but not limited to pure financial loss, loss of turnover and profit, loss of data and immaterial damage in connection with or arising from the Service.

8.4. You indemnify ZIESOO against all possible damages, claims and demands by third parties which may result from the incompleteness or inaccuracy of the information you provide via the website and from any contacts and/or contracts and agreements with third parties resulting from the use of the website. You also indemnify ZIESOO against any claims by third parties as a result of infringement of the intellectual property rights of these third parties

9. Privacy

9.1. During the creation of the Account and during the provision of the Service, the Coach and the User provide (personal) data to ZIESOO.  These (personal) data will be stored and processed in accordance with ZIESOO’s Privacy Statement and applicable laws and regulations.

10. Applicable law

10.1. These Terms and Conditions and all possible disputes relating to these Terms and Conditions or relating to the use of the website or otherwise are subject to Dutch law.

10.2. If one or more articles of these terms and conditions are declared invalid by court order, other provisions of these terms and conditions shall remain in full force and ZIESOO shall be entitled to adopt new provisions to replace the invalid or annulled provisions, whereby the purpose and scope of the invalid or annulled provisions shall be taken into account as much as possible.

10.3. ZIESOO may transfer rights and obligations arising from these Terms of Use to third parties and will inform you should this occur. If you do not find this transfer of obligations to a third party acceptable, you may discontinue use of the Service and terminate your profile.