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book an individual family constellation or

group constellation, both live and online.

A family constellation is the key to both personal liberation and a healthy organization.

At ZIESOO you will find qualified facilitators to book individual family constellations and group constellations. In addition, we offer the opportunity to apply and be trained as a constellation facilitator, making you visible and findable to participants.

A family constellation opens the door to self-discovery and liberation on a personal level. Exploring family history allows you to release emotions and break unhealthy patterns. These insights extend into the organizational sphere, where family dynamics are often reflected in teams and organizations. Understanding this lays a foundation for a “healthy” organization, promoting open communication, effective collaboration and harnessing individual potential.

A family constellation acts as a powerful tool for personal liberation while helping to create a ‘healthy’ organization. Discover the synergy between personal growth and professional development at ZIESOO.

A family constellation shows your inner image of the situation.

ZIESOO| Systemic Constellations Online

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During a family constellation, essential figures are positioned in correlation to each other with respect to your inquiry.


ZIESOO | Systemic Constellations Online


Find a qualified facilitator in your area or online.


Make an appointment with the facilitator who is best for you.


A family constellation can take place either live or online and takes +/- 1 hour.

Through the insights and shifts gained, the energy starts to flow and you are able to apply the change yourself.


ZIESOO | Systemic Constellations Online

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